Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Posted on 19 Aug 2022

Bootstrap 4 Template


A simple Bootstrap 4 template ready to use out-of-the-box!

Project Screenshot

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Tech Stack


HTML, Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome 5


ParsleyJS, DataTables, MomentJS, Tempus Dominus (datetime picker), PrismJS


This project is built using Bootstrap 4.

I built this template with the mindset that it should be usable right out of the box, with minimal setup required. I often find myself in need of a simple, pure Bootstrap 4 template. I find many of the admin dashboard templates I’ve come across online overly engineered and complicated to setup and use.

Feel free to use this template for your own admin-dashboard projects.

This project also comes packaged with packages I use quite often in my web-development projects.

Included packages: ParsleyJS for form validation, DataTables - sort, search and paginate table data, MomentJS - format date-times, Tempus Dominus - datetime picker, PrismJS - syntax highlighting.