Color Palettes

Posted on 15 Jan 2020

JS App


A simple website to store Color Palettes I use frequently.

Project Screenshot

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Tech Stack


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON


CSS Grid, Flex


This project is built in HTML and CSS. jQuery is used to render the palettes from a JSON file.

The palatte data and color values are stored in a JSON file for easy-editing.

I decided upon jQuery as the main technology to render the color swatches as I wanted to keep the project simple and clean.

Feel free to use Color Palettes for your own reference. I designed the project such that it’s easy to copy the swatch’s hex value.

Edit 3rd Oct 2022:

This app has been updated to version 2. Version 2 does away with jQuery and uses plain JavaScript to populate the swatches. It also has a pane which displays more details of a color when clicked on. The pane also has buttons to copy the color value (Hex, RGB or HSL) to your clipboard for your convenience.

Hope you enjoy using this Color Palettes app!