Password Visibility

Posted on 07 Oct 2022

JavaScript Demo


A solution I came up with for the password visibility toggle found on many modern websites.

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript


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CSS Adjacent Sibling Selector


Here is my solution/demo to the password visibility toggle found on many websites. This is a pure JavaScript solution. As per the pattern I learned from Kevin Powell, I’ve used data- attributes as my selectors like the form or password toggle buttons. I’ve now streamlined to use a custom data-element attribute and the value as the label of the element—e.g. data-element=\"form-example\". Then I access it in CSS like this: [data-element=form-example] or in JS like this: document.querySelector(\"[data-element=form-example]\").

For the solution demo, the form doesn’t do anything and just outputs the form values on the page itself.

Feel free to use my code for your own reference! :)